We decided to make traditional beekeeping industry easier and came up with BeeAndMe as tailormade for beekeepers hardware and software solution


In order to help you grow your beekeeping business, we can advise you next services:
Hardware as service
BeeAndMe measuring station is a "babymonitor" for bees and it will watch for your bees conditions
Web and mobile application
Monitor your bees via tailormade for beekeepers web and mobile application
Data mining
Find about health of your bees. System could tell beekeeper if something wrong is going to happen in beehive

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Our team

Meet the people that are going to take your bees to next level.
Elma Hot
Elma Hot

Software developer

A talkative one, master student of Computer science, experienced in Data mining

Alija Dervic
Alija Dervic

Hardware developer

An ambitious, PhD student of electronics, experienced in analog circuit design

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