CeBIT: Narrowband radio combats bee mortality –

NB-IoT transmits sensor data straight from the beehive to the beekeeper’s cell phone Digitization can make an important contribution to ensuring the survival of the species Bee mortality also an issue in CeBIT partner country Japan Timotheus Höttges, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Telekom, is today presenting to Chancellor Angela Merkel, as part of her […]

Read more – Save the bees, save the world! aims to help beekeepers overcome the traditional challenges of beekeeping, by providing beekeepers with technological assistance. Their smart monitoring system for beehives consists of a microprocessor unit for measuring all significant parameters related to beekeeping. Additionally, the data collected by “Babymonitor” for bees are processed via data mining techniques to answer important scientific questions. […]

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6 ideas to consider in smart city development –

The recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona revealed that while few brand new and innovative smart city deployments are center stage, it’s an area of technology that is intensely interesting to many and worthy of much consideration. Here are some of my thoughts based on what was showcased: Idea #1: Traditional industries should continue to […]

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